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Oli Oli Edutainment Center

Oli Oli Edutainment Center


It was a pleasure to be invited to the sneak peak preview of Oli Oli before it opened its doors to the public 2 weeks ago.There are only a few places in Dubai that the whole family can enjoy indoors during Summer and Oli Oli (meaning Joy in Hawaii), has become one of them.Dubai’s first interactive museum and located in Al Quoz (beside Oasis Center) is hours of fun.Me,my sister and my 4 year old princess had a great time exploring and experiencing the activities through the 8 galleries of Oli Oli museum

Read through and you will know why spending three and an half hour there was the best time investment of our day.

When we entered the museum our first stop was the Air Gallery,where we learned about the power of Air.The main attraction of this gallery was the wall of tubes which was all about putting in pieces of orange and pink pieces of fabric,through one side of the tube and seeing them being blown away through and out of the tubes.Not only this there were many more interesting things to do like flying away paper planes,getting a ball through a circle with the power of air,the hurricane stimulater and much more.

Making Her Way To The Air Fan


The Main Attraction of The Air Gallery
Princess Z and I Trying The Hurricane Stimulater

Our next stop was the Toshi Net.Built by the Japanese artist Toshiko MacAdam.This structure took almost an year to built and is made out of brightly colored crocheted and knitted nylon weighting almost a 1000 kilos in total. I wasn’t allowed to go inside (no adults are allowed inside the structure due to weight and height restrictions) but it was great to msee Princess Z enjoying her time jumping,climbing and swinging around it.

The Handmade Toshi’s Net
Princess Z Making Her Way Through

Next came the Creative Lab where princess Z and I built a robot 🤖 to draw on the page for us while my sister made one for herself on the other side of the table.How we built one was the interesting part..Firstly we chose a base (a plastic jar or a little box),them taped around markers (as many colors as we like) then came in the machine which made the robot move around.Once we were done we moved on to the other section of the lab the Construction Section where we built a star together using sticks and rubber bands.

The Robot We Created
The Beautiful Creations
The Star We Created With Sticks & Rubber Bands
All The Different Creations

Before moving on we grabbed a bit at the La Petite Tree House Cafe.

The Tree House Cafe
Loved The Interiors Specially The Hanging Plant Crates

Then we made our way to the upper floor of the museum…moving in towards the room with black curtains called Future Park.This room was all about spending time coloring pictures of sea animals or cars scanning them on a scanner and seeing them appear on the digital wall.Princess Z had a lot of fun spotting her creation and following their journey from one end to another swirling,twirling and moving along with them .Not only this we also played with the glow in the dark balls on the other side of the room.

Princess Z Coloring Her Page
Getting Her Picture Scanned For The Digital Wall
Following Along

The room where we spent the most time was Cars&Ramps, where we build Cars from Lego to slide them down the ramps and hoops.Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in getting our cars through the hoop but it was great to see the effort my daughter and the other kids around were putting in to modeling  their cars.

Princess z and My Creation 🇦🇪
Ready To Be Tested

Next on the other side was the Toddler Room.Even though my daughter is not a toddler anymore she enjoyed her time playing around with wooden toys and building a house with the material provided (like pieces of textiles,hooks and ropes).Not to forget the Quiet Room where the little ones can take a nap whenever necessary.

Toddler Play Area
Building A house With the Extra Friendly Staff

The last space we visited was the Water Space where Princess Z had a blast playing around with water.This place was all about washing cars,shooting canon balls with the force of water,watching whirlpools and getting soaked in the rain 🌧.

Car Washing 💦
Experimenting With Water

IMP Note: its always great to carry extra pair of clothing as there are high chances of getting wet while having fun.

Here are some more pictures of us from the day

Every Corner Is Full Of Fun
Enjoying Playing Her Xylophone

Oli Oli is surely an entertaining place with lots of edutainment things in every corner for the whole family.The prices might be a bit high but worth all the fun.

Every Corner Is Full Of Art -Bird Houses
Jelly Fish Umbrellas ☂

Recommended ages for children : 2-11 years old

Ticket Prices:
AED 120 for 2 hours or 150 for 3 hours
Toddlers pay half and children 1-2 years enter free..
Accompanying adults pay AED 40

Opening Hours:
Sat-Wed 9:00am-7:00pm
Thurs-Friday 9:00am-9:00pm

Visit website to know more

Cafe Ceramique

Cafe Ceramique


Cafe Ceramique is located in Town Centre in Jumeirah. This place is surely to be visited. I have been to this place many times but it was Princess Z first time and she was super excited about it. We decided to go there on a weekday around 7pm.Once we arrived we were surprised to see the place empty. It’s usually crowded at this time of the evening but i think we were lucky.Anyway, we choose a comfortable seat in the middle. The massive varieties of ceramics displayed on wooden shelves against the wall attracted us. It was hard to choose one.Princess Z was confused at first but then after taking her time she decided to go with a Halloween special pumpkin decoration.

Ceramics displayed aligned to the wall
The Halloween collection
The chosen one

Note: The prices for each ceramic are different and are mentioned below the piece you chose (The pumpkin cost us 125 Dhs)

Anyway, the next step was to clean our ceramic to clear off any dirt on it with sponge and water. Then it was time to select the paints. We were given an option to choose any 7 colors from the palette on the place mats. We chose 6 plain colors from the Splash n Dash section and 1 glittery one from the PokaDot section. Once our colors arrived we were ready to go. Squeezing the paints on the palette we started getting creative. Princess Z decided to paint it all differently. Creating a creation of her own. She was totally enjoying it at first, painting patiently. But then starting rushing up with things and got tired. Leaving it half-way, I had to paint the remaining giving it the final touches.After I was done I handed over the pumpkin to a staff member to fire it. The firing process is done to make the raw artwork into a finished masterpiece.

In the end I was told to fill a form with my contact details to be contacted once it was ready for collection. Approximately it takes 7-8days.

The collection corner

This was a place Princess Z totally wants to visit again,and totally excited to see her end result. 🙂 Who doesn’t love to paint and mess around! If you’re planning to make some crazy and fun memories with your kids than this is one place I totally recommend.

Brushes, paints, stamps- everything is supplied by the café. Just bring the artists in you and get creative :).

Cafe Ceramique is located on the 1st floor of Town Centre Mall,Jumeirah. 04-3447331