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Read With Me Violet

Read With Me Violet


Leap Frog introduces another educational toy, a cuddly plush companion Read with me Violet 🐶that every toddler/child would love to have.Its a great companion to keep the little ones busy on a plane ✈️/ car 🚗(anywhere while traveling). I bought this for Princess Z a few months back and seriously speaking I haven’t seen her spend so much time with any other toy than Violet.She loves spending time with her,listening to stories and lullabies.

Violet (the name of the plushy toy) is an interactive dog that features;

-5 interactive touch points
-70+ comprehension questions and
-5 illustrated books 📚

The cuddly plushy dog 🐶

Violet responds to every hug,pet and kiss (by touching/pressing her touch points) which are on her head,back,cheek and paws.Who doesn’t like to be loved 😘.
The number button on her collar are the books numbering ,select the story number and she starts reading once you switch on the story time mode also, by just patting her head she will move on to the story ahead.

The buttons on her collar indicates the book numbers

This plushy puppy 🐶makes reading fun with 5 interactive read-aloud books narrated by Violet herself in a soft clear voice.The 5 different book genres offer ways to build up early reading skills as the kids are exposed to different storytelling concepts.Books to help children learn to ❤️ reading).

Down below are the 5 different book genres that come with Violet;

The 5 book genres

1.Let’s Go Camping (Pattern Book)-uses rhyme, repetitions and refrains that invite children to make predictions.

2.Lets Find Violets Toy (Narrative Book)- helps children learn how stories are put together.A story with characters,settings and sequence of events

3.Lets Have A Party (Concept Book)- explores colors,shapes,or letter,all about learning new labels and classifying new information.

4.Lets Cheer Up El! -Helps learn about the sounds that make up language,encouraging them to explore the building blocks of speech.

and lastly

5.Lets Learn About The Weather (Learn-About)- Helps reveal the information about the
things around us.

The best part it sings too…just switch on the sleepy mode when it’s time to snuggle and listen to stories/ 8 mins of lullabies

The lullabies are a part of Princess Z’s life (every bedtime routine).They help her fall asleep every night.This will come very much in handy…u know 😉.

Note: the music paw button needs to be pressed after every 8 minutes too repeat.

If your child loves reading/listening to stories/lullabies then this is the perfect plushy for them

A reading experience to inspire and entertain young ones everywhere

*Note this plush toy comes in 2 varieties Violet (purple)perfect for girls and Scout (green) perfect for boys.

Appropriate for children ages 2 to 5 years

Available in @elc for 275 AED or get your from for 220 👇🏻

Click here to buy Read With Me Violet

Click here to buy Read With Me Scout

Filorga Skincare

Filorga Skincare


I’m not very fond of changing and using new products on my skin as due to having very sensitive and dry skin not all kinds of skincare products suit me.It becomes hard to chose and select when buying.Being able to attend a few mommy mornings made me found about the filorga skincare  products.Founded in 1978, Filorga since then has been launching a range of skincare/cosmetic products,inspired by non-surgical anti ageing procedures.I did my part of research and It satisfied me a lot so I decided to try it on my skin.I haven’t tried all of it’s products but the below are two of my favorite till now.

The Filorga Sleep & Peel 

A resurfacing night cream which smoothens the texture of my skin and fades away the signs of ageing and pigmentation.This cream also at the same time performs a peeling action to reduce the appearance of wrinkles,brown spots and other skin imperfections.It nourishes my skin without leaving it dry throughout the night.

The other filorga product is the

UV-Defence Anti Ageing Anti Brown Spot Sun Care

I use this product as my everyday sunscreen as it has 50+SPF (very high protection against UV light).Perfect for summer.It absorbs quickly (totally non oily)rehydrating my skin and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

I have applied and tested these products myself for 2 months and I can really see the difference (a smoother,brighter and younger-looking complexion) 😁.

Filorga offer a lot of skincare/cosmetic products and they are available in all skin care pharmacies

Do let me know in the comments below 👇🏻if these products worked for you the same way as they did for me…




You all must have heard about these Hatchimal eggs.For those of you who don’t know Hatcimal are plastic eggs that need be hatched to get a surprise animal from the inside as the name says Hatch-imals (animals) -get it 😝.

Princess Z had been a fan of them since the day they were launched and wanted to get of her own but unfortunately they became out of stock very soon.We tried a lot of times to get our hands on one but were unlucky.

Almost after half of the year pasted by, and it was Eid and Princess Z got her eidi.She was very curious to spend it on that ‘something special’ she had decided to buy and was eager to get her hands on…since long.

So after Eid was over we went to The Toy Store in MOE (Mall of the Emirates) to buy her a Hatchimal egg. We thought it would be easy to get our hands on one since they were relaunched a few days ago) but we were wrong!.After searching the whole of The Toy Store by ourselves we got to know that the Hatchimals were all out of stock again and might take 2-3 weeks to come.Princess Z wasn’t patient enough to wait for them that long so we continued our search.While walking 🚶back towards our car park and passing by the Borders Book 📚 store we saw our life’s getting saved 😃😃.While they were out of stock elsewhere Borders book store had them in stock (a lot of them that is).I could see the happiness on Princess Z’s face when she was selecting her Hatchimal egg.In my mind I thanked Allah for not sending her home disappointed.

Anyway,When we came home 🏡 all of us gathered around and started to pull out the Hatchimal from the box.The egg was very attractive with pink and green spots and the animal inside started to interact right away when we picked it up. *The Hatchimal does come with an instruction manual and an eye color chart menu (of course!)that we do need to follow time to time to keep a watch on its progress and feelings .We cuddled and nurtured it time to time and in the end after around 10mins it started to hatch.It did take approx 30mins for it to hatch completely but we were not disappointed with what we found inside. 😁

The eggs indication and pecking starts for hatching
The hatching starts!! 😁

Princess Z got a Pengualas Hatchimal (you get to find out ONLY after it’s completely hatched).It was not the one she wanted by was happy with it anyway.(Once you get it out of its egg, you’ll have to spend time playing and caring for it).That’s what we have been doing ever since.Each Hatchimal passes through five stages-Egg,Hatching,Baby,Toddler and Kid.

The surprise Pengualas 🐧
Super Cute 💕

These creatures are super cute and their main attraction are their eyes 👀.They’re big, flashing and is the toy’s main mode of communication.The eyes will change color to indicate its feelings (red if it’s mad, purple if it’s hungry, and so on). Super cute isn’t it 💕
*It is to much to remember at first so do keep the eye color chart menu beside you all the time.

It might not the be the most cuddliest toy because of it’s mechanism, but it is super cute and very interactive which will make the kids fall in love😍❤️

IMPORTANT NOTE:The Hatchimal DO NOT hatch without our help and does need a lot of cuddling, love ❤️ and nurture to hatch plus, the egg might take up to 10 to 40 minutes to hatch completely (So be patient!)

Also don’t throw off the egg….🥚 Just turn it into a vase like I did 😉.

Totally suitable for flowers 🌺 🙂


Suitable for kids over 5+

Available at borders book store and BabyShop for 379 and will be available at The Toy Store after a few weeks time.

Click here to buy yours from

Flu Fighting Smoothie Recipes


As temperatures are soaring in Dubai.We are more likely to get sick due to the change in the environment .Stepping outside from the air-conditioner can put a lot of pressure on our bodies and that’s the reason for the increase in illness because our bodies cannot cope with a sudden heatwave.

Complaints typically include viral infections, influenza, upper respiratory infections, diarrhea and stomach flu.

Below are some healthy and flu 😷 fighting smoothie recipes that are some of my favorite too (found out about them and tried them out) that are not only healthy but also will help you fight your sickness and make you stay away from it at the same time



2 mandarin oranges
1 banana
Half cup frozen mango
1 tsp ginger
Coconut Water


Blend all the ingredients together and drink.

*fights off sickness all season long!.




2 peeled oranges
1/2 peeled lime
1 ripe banana
1 inch of peeled ginger root
1/2 cup parsley
1 cup of your favorite leafy green
1/2 cup ripped bell pepper
Water for blending


Blend all the ingredients together, adding water as desired and getting the right consistency to enjoy.




2 ripped bananas
1 cup strawberries or blueberries (fresh or frozen)
2-3 kale leaves with stalk
1 tablespoon flax seeds
Water as needed to blend and get the right consistency


Blend all the ingredients together, adding water as desired and getting the right consistency to enjoy.




1 cup fresh pineapple
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
1 inch peeled piece of ginger
1 Tbsp raw honey
Dash of cayenne pepper


Place all the ingredients in a blender.Blend on high speed until everything is processed.Pour into glass and drink.

*Can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

*****It’s important to keep oneself hydrated and make sure to consume the right nutrients needed.Its really important to get plenty of fluids to combat dehydration.

CrystalPure Beauty Collagen drink Ex

CrystalPure Beauty Collagen drink Ex


A few days ago I was selected as a winner for the box of 12 bottles of CrystalPure Beauty Collagen drink Ex by @collagenuae and @fboxxwomen. I have heard a lot about these kinds of drinks,but I was never a big fan.When I won I was happy and glad  to receive my prize but was afraid to give them a try by the way they looked and smelled.Before sipping in one of the bottles I decided to do a bit of research myself and find out more about the CrystalPure Collagen drink Ex and its facts.Here are some of the information I found out.

– Crystal Pure Beauty Collagen Drink Ex contains 12,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen (highest than any other collagen drink in the market) to help increase suppleness of the skin

-Designed for rejuvenate and helps fight against aging

-It helps improve skins suppleness,tonicity and brightness.

-Promotes skin whitening.

-Helps fight against dark spots and freckles.

Not only this,this collagen drink is made of auxiliary ingredients such as patented Glutathione (commonly used to boost the immune system), Coenzyme Q10 (a distance naturally found in the body and helps convert food into energy), and Vitamin C .Its free from preservatives and coloring.Contains no fat and cholesterol and is clinically proven.The best part is that this product is HALAL certified.

500ml bottles in every box of 10

I was really impressed with the research and drank one of the bottles the very next morning.To tell you the truth the drink tasted really bitter 😖(like you’re having fish oil tablets).Are these drinks suppose to taste like this? or is it because this was my first time and I am not a fan anything that contains or tasts like fish oil 🐟 not only this the drink is quite thick so take breaks while swallowing but as they say that every/any drink that tastes horrible works best.Im gonna give it a try anyway,Im down with 2 bottles and have 8 more to go.(will be continuing after Ramadan (as it leaves a taste in your mouth).Lets see what affects it has on me and how it goes!!.