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Now that Zaara has started going to school. I though of sharing with you all the basic school items I bought for her.This is to help you out choose whats best and satisfy your kids needs. I might have taken time to decide but in the end it  was worth it.First item on the list is,

The Beatrix Dolce & Panna Ice-Cream School Bag

After looking around for quite a while I decide to go with this bag. I wanted something small but spacious at the same time and this fitted in perfectly 🙂 . The best part its light weighted and easy to carry around (not causing burden on those tiny shoulders). The best thing about these bags they super cute and adorable. Available in many other colors and design.I got mine from Db babies with Princess Z’s name engraved on it.


The Beatrix Dolce & Panna Ice-Cream school bag with the engraving.
The adjustable back straps

Yumbox Bento Lunch Box

Another school item on the list is the Bento lunch box.I am in  love with this one.Wishing this existed during my school days.One of the most convenient ones available in the market and Princess Z’s favorite item on the list 🙂 . This Bento lunch box is something I highly recommend.It comes build in with 4 compartments to give your child balanced and proportional meals.Something I have always wished for, not worrying about food getting mixed up together. Its totally leak proof ,very light weighted and easy to clean.Its also easy to open for those tiny hands 🙂 .The one main feature kids would love are the glow in the dark stars on the lid.


The Inside of a Bento Yumbox
The Yumbox Bento lunch box

 Eco-Vessel Water Bottle:

In this hot weather I thought of going with an insulated feature bottle.It was hard to find one.I am glad I visited Db babies and found it.This Eco-vessel water bottle fits in perfectly.They are easy to use.Keeping the water cool for max 8-10 hours  is perfect.It has an easy drinking system. This bottle might be slightly big and heavy but as longs as its keeps Princess Z hydrated its fine with me.

Easy to drink system
Eco-Vessel Water Bottle

Other Stuff:

One of the most difficult item to find on the list were the aprons.It took me ages to find one but thanks to other mom bloggers  information I found one. I also bought a few small storage bags, to keep extra clothing for school. All this extra items were bought from Daiso (for 7 and 9 DHS) 🙂 .

I hope my above school items list help you all out 🙂

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