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How to make a Nurse Cap

How to make a Nurse Cap


As Princess Z will be celebrating The International Nurse day at her school on Thursday.I didn’t wanted to buy her the full suit available in the market.Firstly they are quite pricey and secondly, they are of one time use only so instead i decided to dress her up in full white clothes with a Nurse Cap made at home.I wasn’t very sure about it at first but then was happy with the result🙂.Below 👇🏻are the step by step instructions on how to make a Nurse Cap:

All you will need is :

-A4 size Chart Paper (I used chart paper to make it a bit stiff,any other kind of paper can be used).

-A Red/Pink Cross (Cut out from colored paper or either painted) (I got my done on the chart paper and painted it pink).

-Scotch Tape/Glue/Stapler


Here are the Step by Step Instructions-

Step 1: I know how we usually get an A1 size chart paper in the market.So to begin with place I placed a regular A4 printer paper on the chart paper and cut it out to get the exact size.

Nurse Cap
The tools needed to make a Nurse Cap

Step 2Once you have your A4 size chart paper, fold it less than half way through. (From up to downwards).

Note: The fold should be on top (like shown in the picture)👇🏻

Step 3 : Place and glue the cross in the middle of the folded line.(should be more towards the line fold)👇🏻

Step 2 and 3

Step 4 : Turn the paper over

Note: The line fold should come below

Step 4: Turn the Paper over as guided

Step 5 : Fold the corners and tape/staple them as shown 👇🏻

Step 5 : This is how it should look after the fold

Step 6 : Fold the instructed lines in the picture below 👇🏻and tape/staple it

Step 6: Fold the point ☝🏻

Step 7 : Turn over and Voila it’s ready! 😊

The Final Result 😁

TIP: To keep it steady on the head..tie a bun and pin it in.




As it’s winters Princess Z and I decided of doing a craft related to snow.As Princess Z has never seen a snowfall (we didn’t travel anywhere this year) couldn’t think of a better way of creating snowflakes and having winter in her own room.I had to practice a lot to get it right.Once I remembered the steps.We moved on making Snowflakes using two colors,red and white.These can be used as a hanging decoration or can be glued on a greeting card. .Any other color can be used according to your choice.

PLEASE NOTE this craft has to be done under adult supervision (the adults need to do the folds and cutting.The kids can do the last decoration part.

It might be hard at first but once you get the steps it’s a piece of cake!! 😊This is one of the easiest crafts to do(just needs a bit of practice).This craft can be made in summer and there are no chances of it to melt down 😜.(Winter will stay all summer).Follow the instructions below to create your very own snowflakes.The more you create the better.

Note:The basic steps are below to help create the ❄️ fold.The design can be made according to your choice.

Basic Fold
The Basic Fold
Basic Fold
The Same Basic Fold but different Design

Note: The basic steps are taken from another social media site.To make it easy to remember and create your very own snowflakes.

Happy Winter ❄️

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree


As being the Christmas week Princess Z and I decided to do something fun and as Christmas is near 🎄we planned to do a Christmas tree that’s made with love and affection and is a great decoration.

Here’s how it’s done:

You will need:

Green/White colored square paper


A pair of Scissors

Glitter,Stickers for decorations


1.Take a square green/white colored paper and turn it into a triangle

2.Cut horizontal lines as instructed (the lines can be thick or thin as desired).

Any shade of green/white paper will work for the Christmas tree to look more realistic
Fold it into a triangle and cut strips

3.Open it up and start folding it strip by strip(connecting them in the middle)

The skeleton of the Christmas tree
Start folding each of the strips connecting them in the center

4.Once your Christmas Tree is formed decorate as desired using shapes,glitters or stickers

The final result should look like this!
Decorate it as desired

Note:Cut out stars,circles or any other decor and let your kids stick and decorate the tree adding there special touch to it. This is a fun activity to bring the Christmas spirit alive 🎄.

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