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Primary Love Language

Primary Love Language


Last week I attended a very interesting workshop in Princess Z’s school.The workshop was called ‘Find your child’s primary love language’ which was all about helping us (parents) to find out our child’s primary language for more love,confidence,safety,and success.

Two professional and experienced speakers
Dr.Monica MendesClinical Psychologist and Cindy can de MeeksPersonal and Professional Coach from The Valiant clinic were presented to speak in detail about this topic.Before I talk about it in more details let me tell you a bit more about The Valiant Clinic.

Spanning across 15,000 sqm and located at City Walk.Valiant Clinic is part of a vibrant residential and retail destination.It is managed and operated by the Houston methodist global health care services.It is an outpatient center for health checkup in the region with having a preventive and proactive approach to wellness and health management.They provide diagnostic services across a range of medical specialities supported by cutting edge technology and innovation that guarantee a superior patient experience.

Moving on, you all must have heard about Gary Chapman the author behind the famous book series The 5 love languages.Today I will be talking about those 5 primary love languages I learnt myself during the workshop

Like Mr.Chapman says. Attitude. Behavior. Development. Everything depends on the love relationship between you and your child. When children feel loved, they do their best.

Each child, expresses and receives love through one of the five different communication styles .Your love language may be totally different from that of your child. While you are doing all you can to show your child love, he may be hearing it as something completely opposite.

It is  highly important to uncover your child’s love language in order for you to fill up his/her love tank by feeling loved by you.

The Five Love Languages of Children, Dr.Rose Campbell and Gary Campbell discovered was that children understand love in five basic ways: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service. If you have several children, chances are they each understand love in a different way.

Often parents think that the ideal is to treat each child in the same way. However, a hug means more to some children than to others. So, for example if each child gets a hug, some actually receive more than others. Discovering the primary love language of each child is the key to effectively communicating love.Every child has a special way of receiving love.Take a look below at the 5 primary love languages: 👇🏻.

5 Primary love language
1.Receiving Gifts
2.Physical Touch
3.Acts Of Service
4.Quality Time
5. Words of Affirmation- This was my result

One of these five is the primary love language of your child. If you don’t speak that language, your child will not feel loved. Loving children effectively requires parents to express love in a language that the child understands.The ideal is that children learn to receive and give love in all five languages. This prepares them for good relationships as adults. Your example is the most effective method of teaching. Love your children effectively and they will learn to love others.

Follow the link below and take the 5 Love Languages official assessment to discover YOUR love language and begin improving your relationships.

Discover your love language here

*Your love language profile will explain your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect to others…..

Also,do let me know in the comments below about your love language 👇🏻

Personalized Labels

Personalized Labels


Before school began,we all ran around to find the right items for our kids.From school bags, lunchboxes,etc.One of the hardest thing is finding labels and labeling all the school items.I remember how during my school days my mom had to run around to find labels for all my stuff.But this time it wasn’t the same.It was way easier for Princess Z.As I found Ajooba stationary and gifts 🙂

Ajooba is based in Dubai.Specialized in creating personalized gifts and stationary.They offer a variety of items according to your needs.If your looking out for labels to personalize your kids school items than Ajooba is it.They have a massive variety in them.These below are the ones I bought for Princess Z.

The Iron-On Clothing Labels –

(Pink with stars). As the name says I bought these for all the clothing items. They come in pack of 50 labels.Might sound a lot but are just enough.Ajooba offers a wide variety in these and can be personalized with text, color and font of choice. Price: 59Dhs

The Water Proof Labels-

(Orange Fairies). These are the best for the washable items.Lunchboxes,water-bottles etc.Long lasting and dish-washer proof.They might be a bit pricey but worth it.A lot of designs are available in these ones as well.I personally love them and they come in a pack of 105 labels. Price: 105Dhs

Lastly,The Personalized School Labels-

Over 200 designs and colors are available in this one.These are great to personalize school books.They come in very good quality.I haven’t used these yet but have bought them in advance.Bundle of 40 labels 73mm Width. Price: 20Dhs

The best part I ordered them online and were delivered within 2-3 days.

Ajooba stationary and gifts shop is located in Business Bay,Shop no.10,The Citadel.For more information visit their website 👇🏻

http://www.ajooba.ae or call 04 3603555