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Womn Cosmetics

Womn Cosmetics

Recently I was introduced to Womn Cosmetics and after taking their skin analysis test  i was offered to try out a few products according to my skin type.

About Womn Cosmetics

WoMn is a handmade brand, dedicated to provide high-quality completely natural and organic skin and hair care products with NO Parabens – NO Artificial colors – NO Mineral oil – NO Vaseline.The natural and essential oils are combined together and the vegetable oils and essential oils in WoMn products are certified organic.Providing a unique and customized experience.

So moving on,As I told you guys I was given out three samples of three different products to try out.I was handed out the GET THE GLOW MASK,the ANTI-SHINE SERUM and the ROSEMARY TONER.

The Three Products I Got To Try Out

The Products

A Cleansing facial mask that suits all skin types and is made with the best herbal powders and Moroccan red clay. This mask had a positive affect on me having anti-bacterial properties it controlled my excess oil secretion, which is great for people like me who have oily skin and leads to acne.The mask also contains Centella,a herb 🌿 which gave my skin radiance and beauty. It is extremely effective on the connective tissue and improves its remodeling,also stimulating the regeneration of tissue scars and keloids.Another herb 🌿 to be found is Neem which works as an Ayurveda,giving a purifying effect and help cleanse the skin of toxins.

Womn Cosmetics
Get The Glow Mask


This light serum adsorbed quickly from my oily skin.It reduced the oily skin appearance and precise ting pores from clogging.This serum contains a unique combination of virgin hazelnut oil together with jojoba and macadamia oil which makes this  special and effective in regulating sebum production at the same time nourishes the skin with high dose of essential unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. This serum helped keep my skin fresh, toned and radiant.

Anti-Shine Serum

Made with organic Rosemary and Aloe Vera, this toner is specially designed to hydrate and help combination and oily skin to balance sebum production. WoMn Rosemary toner is purifying, it hydrates and cleanses problematic skin and helps removing impurities from the skin and unclogs pores.helping to balance greasy and acne prone skin.

RoseMary Toner

Each and every Womn product is amazing and wonderful! and the ones I used had a positive affect on my skin so will surely continue using them plus will try many others…once I’m done with them ☺️

Womn cosmetics amazing products can be found at local Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets.

To know more about Womn natural and organic skin and hair care products check out their website https://womncosmetics.com

Pirates & Mermaids Brunch Buffet

Pirates & Mermaids Brunch Buffet

Pirates & Mermaids Brunch Buffet @ Mazina 

Recently my family and I were invited for a lovely and special Pirates & Mermaids brunch buffet at Mazina.Located in the heart of Dubai Marina and at Address Dubai Marina Hotel..Mazina offers a lavish buffet with a lot of seatings area and great views of the Marina shoreline.

I loved the way the theme goes where all the waiter and waitresses were dressed as Pirates and Mermaids,themed related decorations at every corner surely reminded of me being on a sea adventure.

The Buffet was categorized…offering a great variety of food from salads,meat,sushi,breads,and other asian and Indian dishes…which was  surely good to enjoy.The best part for me was  the dessert corner…everything here was so yummy and tasty from pastries,mousses,cake slices,sorbets and so much more..(no one can resist of not trying them all 🙂

Mazina brunch
The Bread Corner
The Seafood
The Chocolate Fountain Slide
The Dessert Shelf…Tempting isn’t it!
Beautiful Cakes on Display

While the adults enjoy their food the kids can also spend time and watch magic shows by MagicPhil or bounce around in a bouncy castle or get their face painted at the face painting corner.Not only this the kids can enjoy their very own buffet at the kids corner as well…offering kids favorite savory dishes like pies,nuggets,french fries,pizzas and sweet treats like jellybeans,gummies,cookies and many other kinds of different biscuits.

The Cute Displays
Waiting for MagicPhil to Arrive
Face Painting
Kids Buffet Corner

This buffet is definitely a fit for kids of all ages and happens to be every Friday and Saturday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm


Dhs 316 (soft drinks) (those who Book via Time Out get 20% discount) discounted price Dhs 264
Dhs368 (house beverages)
Dhs 498 (bubbly)

For more information call 04-8883444

Cool & Cool Baby Products

Cool & Cool Baby Products

As princess Z has extra sensitive skin I am usually extra careful with the baby products I chose for her.So recently I came across and was introduced to the Cool & Cool baby products.

For those of you who don’t know:
Cool & Cool is a leading,international brand presence over more than 25 countries.They deal in a wide range of high quality products such as skin care,personal care,mother and baby care and much more

I was happy to be introduced to them as I have already been using some of the Cool & Cool beauty products on myself and loved them for their result and quality. So was pretty sure there would be something special about these baby products as well and Princess Z would love them too.

My basket of Cool & Cool baby products

The basket I received contained the following products:

1.Cool & Cool Baby Shampoo
2.Cool & Cool Baby Milk Lotion
3.Cool & Cool Baby Foaming Soap
4.Cool & Cool Baby Wipes
5.Cool & Cool Baby Oil
6.Cool & Cool Nappy Bags
7.Cool & Cool Baby Mist

1.Cool & Cool Baby Shampoo
-This shampoo contains natural ingredients,
-It’s free from colorants,mineral oils,PEG and ethoxylates
-It’s Soap free
-Moisturizes hair and leaves it shiny
-Gently cleanses the baby scalp
-Causes no eye irritation
-Has a thick texture when applied (more suitable for oily hair)
-Leaves the hair smelling great.

2.Cool & Cool Baby Milk Lotion
-One of my favorite of them all
-This lotion nourishes baby skins and leaves it moisturized for long
-Non greasy
-Absorbs quickly
-Prevents dehydration
-Gentle on skin
-Definitely great for sensitive skin
-Contains no colorants,mineral oils,PEG and ethoxylates

3.Cool & Cool Baby Foaming Soap
-Another one of my favorites
-Contains chamomile and aloe vera gel that cleanses and moisturizes the skin
-Very foamy and great for bubble baths
-Free from allergen/fragrance free
-Hypoallergenic soap
-Easy to use system
-Gently on baby’s skin

4.Cool & Cool Baby Wipes
-Soft,thick and moist baby wipes
-Great for removing make-up as well
-Ingredients contain aloe vera gel and pure water
-Chemical free
-Fragrance free
-Made from 99.9% of Water
-Perfect for all skin types

5.Cool & Cool Baby Oil
-Perfect for cleansing baby’s soft skin
-contains natural oil that helps retain softness
-Free form preservatives,contains no colorants,mineral oils,PEG and ethoxylates
-I use this on myself as well 🙂
-Leaves no oiliness behind
-Absorbs quickly

6.Cool & Cool Nappy Bags
-As princess Z is potty trained I use these for general waste
-Love the sense of smell each bag has to neutralize the unpleasant odors
-Easy to carry around
-Contains 250 plastic bags
-Perfect size for all kinds of waste

7.Cool & Cool Baby Mist
-Alcohol free
-Comes in non-greasy formula
-Has mild and refreshing scent
-Contains pro vitamin B5 and glycerin
-Comes in an easy to use spray bottle

I have tried each and every Cool & Cool product in the basket on Princess Z and was happy that they suited her sensitive skin and left it moisturized and nourished.Definitely stocking them up again.

Are you using any of the Cool & Cool products above?..Share your reviews below.

Single Mom Decision

Single Mom Decision


Many of you have been asking me to post the struggles I faced and what made me take the separation.To tell you the truth it was the hardest decision i have ever made and the best one.

Every girl wants a Prince charming in here life,ending with a fairy tale wedding.I was one of them.It was an arrange marriage (but I had dated him for a few months after our engagement 💍.So basically I knew him and so did he).It was 2011 when I was totally excited about getting married in December. Having all my loved ones around during my lavish wedding and getting married to the one I love was a dream come true.Never knowing what the future holds for me.

It was after March 2012 when things started to fall apart.He was no longer the person I fell in love with.His violent and aggressive behavior started showing up.I could go on and on with what issues happened during my marriage and the details but as I belong to a respectable family I don’t want to make fun or insult anyone online.Anyway,During my 6 month of pregnancy 🤰 I decided to move out and take a ‘khula’.*(when a girl requests to get separated from her husband) as I have had enough of him.My parents could see the depression I was going through and they were with me.He started turning violent and disrespectful.The first few months were very difficult for me.Being 6 months pregnant 🤰 and seeking a divorce from my husband was the toughest decision anyone could take.I wanted a happy life and a bright future for my coming child,but knew I couldn’t get one if he’s around.Somewhere in my mind I wanted to give him a second chance but knew he would never change.Negative thoughts 💭 were running through my head as it would in anyone’s head and kept asking myself questions

Is this the right thing to do’?.Does he deserve me?.
Will he love me the way I want him to if I stay back?.
Is it the right decision? If I give him a second chance will he change?.
‘Should I go ahead with my decision?Why/Why not?
‘Should I abort my child?.

Note: I wrote down these q’s on a piece of paper with the answers.Most of them ended up neg.so it helped me to take the decision!.

These negative thoughts made my pregnancy worse (had more doctor visits than usual) and with him around I could see my life fall apart.Many of my relatives were against my separation and told me things like ‘I would be a bad example for my cousins and others. etc etc .Seriously!! Like I cared (my parents were with me that’s all I wanted).The only thing I wanted was a better life for my child 👶🏻 and myself .I knew he wasn’t a good example and I had no shame to admit that he was the one to be blamed.The first thing I did was to delete him from my contact list,social media and every other network he was on.Even though I still wasn’t sure about my decision and was expecting him to make it up to me but he didn’t .There might be some mistakes that I might have made but his mistake were bigger,unforgettable as well as unbearable.

I was planning to abort my child at first but then realized that what does she has to do with everything going on.she hasn’t entered the world yet.why should I blame her for his mistakes.Thinking that staying with him would not only make my life worse but my daughters as well so I accepted the challenge of moving on as a single mother to show him i don’t need his support to live my life the way I wanted too.

It took almost an Year to be granted a divorce.During this period I gave birth to Princess Z.The way he behaved during those months and after made me realize that I took the right decision and he was never meant to be in my life or my daughter’s.A man who doesn’t even bother to visit his own daughter or ask how she is doesn’t hold any respect for me.

Princess Z doesn’t know about her father yet .When the right time will come,will surely tell her all about it but only when she’s mature enough to understand it in detail,cause I don’t want her to compare who was right and who was wrong,just want her to understand that some people aren’t meant for each other.

It’s been 3 years since my separation and things have changed in a better way.I couldn’t have done it without the support of my parents and siblings.They supported me in every way they could.Princess Z and I are living a life we never imagined we could have.All thanks to the support of my parents and siblings).I seriously couldn’t have done it without their help.I thank #Allah for giving me the best parents and Princess Z the best grandparents/uncles and aunts who love her unconditionally.

I am proud of my decision and don’t regret anything!.

EATLESS Health Supplement

EATLESS Health Supplement


I have been trying to lose weight for a few months now.Every year I try too but never succeed 😔.The first step I thought of taking this time was control my eating habits.Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes to food and people who are foodies like me it’s difficult for them to control their appetite with so much food around.

Anyway to help me lose weight (before New Year that is),I ordered for a 14-day course health supplement called eat less.As the name says it eat less,it helps control your appetite and helps you stay away from fat and sugary food.This product is 100% natural made with only one ingredient (100% natural spinach extract). Its Scientifically proven and having no side effects.

I began my day by drinking this powder mixed in water/juice.(First thing in the morning) then carrying on with my healthy breakfast 🍳.(I am one of those person who usually skipped breakfast as I can’t have a heavy meal in the morning but tried to,these 2weeks). The first few days were hard for me.I planned quitting but some motivation in me kept me going.The taste didn’t seem so bad at first but as days were passing by I wanted to get over it 😫.Everything I ate made me taste like spinach 😖.Also,a few toilet visits were there as well in the beginning but ended soon.My diet was normal.Eating regular home-made food but in small portions,totally avoiding fast food,drinks plus junk food.I was hoping to lose up to 5-6kgs in 2 weeks but unfortunately lost only 2 kg in 2 weeks

Anyway I am happy to lose 2kgs as well (at least I lost some kg 🙂) and am planning to continue with this after New Year Eves with a stricter diet and a healthy lifestyle.

NOTE:This Appetite Suppression supplement should be taken as a daily dose first thing in the morning as it can then work throughout the day.