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Mommy Ramadan Iftar

Mommy Ramadan Iftar


Just another Ramadan day was going to get excited as I was invited to a Mommy Iftar Event at Al Khor Tent in Jumeirah CreekSide Hotel hosted by the lovely Noah (the mama behind Crafty Station) last Sunday (11th of June).

I was really excited to be a part of this event not only because I was taking Princess Z along but also because I was going to use the Careem car service for the very first time.(Getting a free…pick and drop service and back 🙂).I have had heard a lot about Careem and was excited to try it out myself.I had booked the service a day before the event (setting my time, date and location (pick-up and drop off).On the day of the event I was happy to see the driver outside my place 10mins before my scheduled time. Princess Z and I were welcomed with a chocolate date box and had a comfortable ride to the hotel.

Once we arrived we were off…following the sign boards to the crafty kids area.When we went in the room Princess Z was really happy to see all of her favorite things from a balls pit, to crafty stations,face painting ,henna application, my gym training area,slides ,sea-saws, and much more.I was a bit afraid to leave her alone at first (u know the protectiveness as a single mom) but she got so busy (all thanks to the Elite Babies & Tots care takers) that she didn’t even bother to see me off.While Princess Z was busy playing around and making friends in the crafty kids area.I got to chat with a lot of lovely ladies and make new friends 😘,making our way to the Al Khor Ramadan Tent for Iftar.

The Beautiful Hotel Interiors
The Crafty Kids Area
The Fun Room (Crafty Kids Area)
The fun activities for the kiddos (The Crafty Kids Area)

The Al Khor tent was of decent size ,covered in white drapes all around.Serving international buffet… on either sides of the entrance.There were tables arrangements in the center as well as sofa set arrangements on the side…with purple and pink colored light effects lightened up the hall.We (myself and a few other mommies) were a bit early so we were asked to be seated while we waiting for a few more people to arrive before we could start with the Iftar.During that time the waiters served us drinks.(Jallab,Orange juice or Tamarind).I went for the Jallab as it’s my favorite.

Even though there were still a few mins left for Iftar ,things started to get a bit over crowded by the buffet but anyhow I managed to get my hands on a few dishes.(mostly vegetarian)

The Table Setup
On my plate
The Amazing Partners 👍🏻

After an hour of eating i went back to the crafty kids area to check on Princess Z and to my amazement she was still having fun,participating and getting along with all the other kids (she is on of those shy types ☺️).Anyway I went in and feed her some snacks available outside.The kids snack bar was filled with marshmallows,popcorn,juices,pastries as well as other food items such as nuggets,biryani, and french fries.Princess Z gobbled on some food and went back to play.In the meantime I chatted with some mommies and clicked pictures.

Some Crafty Items Princess Z made for me in the Crafty Kids Area

When it was time to go home, Princess Z was in no mood to go and wanted to stay a bit longer but unfortunately we couldn’t as our Uber had arrived 🙂.On my way out I kissed and waved all the mommies goodbye and Noah handed all the mommies including me some heavily loaded goodie bags👇🏻☺️.

The Items in the Goodie Bag ☺️

It was surely an amazing day and a well enjoyed evening 👍🏻.Thank you Noah and the lovely partners  (Johnson’s baby,Elite Baby & Tots, Empress beauty Salon, My Gym, Careem 🚗, and Honey Bee Nursery)  for such a wonderful event.

Tavola Shop

Tavola Shop


Recently I came across tavolashop.com.a shop for all your kitchen needs.Offering more than 5000 products for dining ware,cookware,tableware,appliances ,and much more.They offer products from brands like Joseph Joseph,KitchenAid,Sambonet,Peugeot to name a few.Not only this if your a baker like me than the bake shop on their site is a must visit. Products from brands like FBC SugarCrafts,Wilton,Nifty Nozzles,Decora and many more can be bought here.This site has definitely become my new obsession 😍.Seriously online ordering baking supplies have never been so easy.I have always been very fond of baking and am always finding ways to experiment by buying and trying out new supplies.So I ordered a few Wilton products

P.S For those of you who don’t know Wilton is a leader in Cake crafts and decoration, offering a wide selection of cake decorating tools, edible ingredients, cake pan sets, cake mould and much more…

Here are the few items Wilton products I ordered from the Tavola bake shop. (I have included the prices as well 😊)

Wilton ColorSwirl-3 Color Coupler (20 Dhs)

3 Color Coupler

Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser (19 Dhs)

Fill Batter Dispenser

Wilton Royal Icing Mix (30 Dhs)

Royal Icing

Wilton XL Drop Flower Decoration Tip (9 Dhs)

Wilton Tip Cleaning Brush (9 Dhs)

Tip Cleaning Brush

With a shipping charge of only AED 15 .All of the products offered are at affordable prices and the best part they offer Cash on Delivery services (which many sites don’t),so it was a piece of cake for a person like me who doesn’t use credit card 💳 much to get my hand on a few items. 👌🏻🙂

With their professionalism,excellent customer service and on time delivery they have gained my trust and made things easier for me.

P.S-they are offering a 10% discount for every new customers so order now!!.

If your not a fan of online shopping then you can visit their branches as well in Gold and Diamond Park,City Centre Me’aisem,Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates.

Also not only do they offer cake crafts and decoration but they also provide cake decoration classes in their leading branches.So If your new in the baking world and looking out for help then check out them out.Prices starting from AED 300-3,000 (depending on the course )

For more information go to http://www.tavolashop.com

5 Simple Activities

5 Simple Activities


Looking for some inexpensive/affordable and simple activities to keep your kids busy?! then listed below are 5 simple activities that I love doing with Princess Z and recommend doing too.These activities are a great way to keep the kids not only busy but make them enjoy their time as well as help them learn a lot of new skills.

Playing Hopscotch-This is every child’s favorite childhood game.I have played this my whole life and loved teaching Princess Z how it works.Playing hopscotch has its own benefits.Kids can learn skills like balance and coordination,body control as well as strength and stamina. Not only this, it teaches them how to work with strategy.Whether is indoor or outdoor this game can be enjoyed anywhere.

NOTE: Draw your own hopscotch with colored chalk in your backyard or buy one from ELC (Early Learning Center)

Foam Hopscotch from Early Learning Center

Collecting Stickers– A simple activity that can keep your child busy for hours.Sticking stickers provide a great opportunity for fine motor skills,pincer exercise and some logical thought patterns.There are ways of enjoying this activity and developing the fine motor skills : 1. Simply by just sticking stickers on a blank page, 2.Sticking them on different parts of body to learn their names or either by 3. buying sticker books (The ones like in the pic .below)This is on simple activity that can be done anywhere either at home 🏡 or on a plane ✈️ while traveling.

NOTE: Stickers are more fun when bought in different sizes and patterns (or can be of your child’s favorite characters).They can be found in any regular stationary/Daiso and sticker pads can be found at any regular toy store as well can be ordered online from mumzworld.com

Princess Z having fun with stickers
Reusable stickers pads.Can be played with anywhere

Doing Arts & Crafts– One thing Princess Z loves and so do I.Activities like arts and crafts not only provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits, but also creates a unique bonding experience, which creates lifelong memories.It engages multiple brain areas and improve bilateral coordination,plus accelerates the development of muscles ,at the same time improves fine motor skills.Arts and crafts promotes social interactions that help develop language skills and social cognitive abilities.So get messy and get creative!.

NOTE: You don’t need to consider yourself ‘an artist’ to get creative.Art/Crafts can be made simple yet interesting.

Crafts can be done with anything around

Reading a StoryWho doesn’t like reading.Whether it’s reading a book during daytime or night time,stories sparks a child’s imagination, creates interest and helps with their brain development it also helps them learn the difference between ‘real’ and make believe’.Not only this reading also helps them become familiar with sounds,words and language.

NOTE: No matter what book it is!.Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child is a great way to spend time together.

Reading books is always fun

Playing Puzzles– Puzzles are an important educational learning tool for young children as they provide many skills and benefits.Playing puzzles helps children learn problem solving skills.It develops their fine motor skills,and involves a lot of hand and eye manipulation.  It provides a boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem.Puzzles are a great educational tool to enhance and promote cooperative play.

NOTE: Puzzles come in a whole range of themes and topics and can be found in many educational stores as well as can be ordered online from mumzworld.com

Puzzles of different stages (beginners to advance level)

These activities are a great way to spend time together,have fun and learn as well as develop new skills.They don’t need a specific place to be done,(can be done anywhere) in your free time.

School Items

School Items


Now that Zaara has started going to school. I though of sharing with you all the basic school items I bought for her.This is to help you out choose whats best and satisfy your kids needs. I might have taken time to decide but in the end it  was worth it.First item on the list is,

The Beatrix Dolce & Panna Ice-Cream School Bag

After looking around for quite a while I decide to go with this bag. I wanted something small but spacious at the same time and this fitted in perfectly 🙂 . The best part its light weighted and easy to carry around (not causing burden on those tiny shoulders). The best thing about these bags they super cute and adorable. Available in many other colors and design.I got mine from Db babies with Princess Z’s name engraved on it.


The Beatrix Dolce & Panna Ice-Cream school bag with the engraving.
The adjustable back straps

Yumbox Bento Lunch Box

Another school item on the list is the Bento lunch box.I am in  love with this one.Wishing this existed during my school days.One of the most convenient ones available in the market and Princess Z’s favorite item on the list 🙂 . This Bento lunch box is something I highly recommend.It comes build in with 4 compartments to give your child balanced and proportional meals.Something I have always wished for, not worrying about food getting mixed up together. Its totally leak proof ,very light weighted and easy to clean.Its also easy to open for those tiny hands 🙂 .The one main feature kids would love are the glow in the dark stars on the lid.


The Inside of a Bento Yumbox
The Yumbox Bento lunch box

 Eco-Vessel Water Bottle:

In this hot weather I thought of going with an insulated feature bottle.It was hard to find one.I am glad I visited Db babies and found it.This Eco-vessel water bottle fits in perfectly.They are easy to use.Keeping the water cool for max 8-10 hours  is perfect.It has an easy drinking system. This bottle might be slightly big and heavy but as longs as its keeps Princess Z hydrated its fine with me.

Easy to drink system
Eco-Vessel Water Bottle

Other Stuff:

One of the most difficult item to find on the list were the aprons.It took me ages to find one but thanks to other mom bloggers  information I found one. I also bought a few small storage bags, to keep extra clothing for school. All this extra items were bought from Daiso (for 7 and 9 DHS) 🙂 .

I hope my above school items list help you all out 🙂

About Me

About Me

Hello! and welcome to my blog.I’m Alina(the mama behind this blog). I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. My Birthday is on the 31st of March. Dubai has been my home for the past 26 years.(Have been brought up and raised here to Dubai). I graduated from the American University in Dubai with a degree in Interior Design. Got married 👰at a very early age but things didn’t work out and soon became a proud single mom of a princess Z. Zaara was born on the 8th of December here and just turned 4.

I never had plans of starting up my blog. Sharing ones experiences with the world needed plenty of extra time.That’s whats being a full time mom was all about.I had no time for anything else just running around my only child 👶🏻 all the time.Now that Princess Z is old enough and a little independent I can find some time for myself.Seeing other moms inspired me and compliments from strangers encouraged me to move forward and further on.

My blog is more like my journal.Mostly about the things I do and experience as a mother in my everyday life. From fashion styles,food reviews and recipes,to do at home arts & crafts,and much more… in short It’s basically all about sharing what I love doing 😊

In the end I hope my blog helps all around learn and discover new things 🙂

Alina N.