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My C9 Journey

My C9 Journey

My C9 Journey

Well as you guys know I was doing a cleansing program called C9 (clean 9) last week so as  I just got finished with it a few days back I thought of sharing my review on it.

What is C9 (Clean 9) ?

C9 program is an easy to follow cleansing program that will give you all the tools you need to jumpstart your journey and transform your body.

I was a bit hesitant to try it out at first as I thought it wouldn’t work (like the others before) but to my amazement I was hooked to it till the end and followed it strictly.

I lost 3.5kgs…oh yes I did 🙂 not only this but 2 inches on all major parts of my body as well (Chest,biceps,waist,hips,thighs and calves)…

So here’s all you need to know about the C9 (Clean 9) cleansing program 

What the C9(Clean 9) pack/box includes:

C9 (Clean 9) Program Pack/Box

x2  1 liter bottles of Forever Aloe Vera Gel

This gel helps cleanse the digestive system and maximize absorption of nutrients 

x1 15 serving pouch of Forever Lite Ultra 

A shake mix that is rich in source of vitamins and minerals 

54 softgels of Forever Garcinia Plus

supplements help the body burn fat more efficiently and help suppress appetite.

9 packets of Forever Fiber

helps promote feeling of fullness

18 tablets of Forever Therm

A powerful combination of botanical extracts and vitamins that help support metabolism.

The box also contains A Tape Measure and a Booklet (to note down your progress)

So to start with 

You will need to measure your self a day before and note down your measurements  in the booklet

Once you do that start with  the C9 program the very next zday.

Days 1 & 2
Days 3 though 9

Everything you need to do is mentioned in the booklet and the images above show the program you need to follow exactly as outlined in the booklet for the next 9 days 

To be honest Days 1 & 2 are the toughest but the first two days help reset your body’s ability to detoxify and help you prepare for Days 3 through 9 So they will pass by

Everything single thing needs to be documented in the booklet.. any extra food you eat,your water intake,the type of exercise you do each day everything! to help you keep track 👇🏻

Checklist + Notes to be Noted Down

Free food can be enjoyed (that are also mentioned in the booklet) For me I skipped the regular desi homemade food and just had cucumbers or 2-3 glasses of water to curb my hunger and stay within the 600 calorie limit

Fruits,Veggies and Free Food Guide

This program is to flush out the toxins so increase in water intake is highly important (maximum by having 8-15 glasses each day).

I followed the program very strictly and was happy with the result :).

You might not get the same results.. as it all depends on your baseline factors but I can surely guarantee you that you will feel energized and will get to see amazing affect on your skin and hair as well in the end.

Here are a few before and after pictures of me 🙂

Contact me if you wanna order :).

Build-a-Bear Workshop Experience

Build-a-Bear Workshop Experience



After a few months of waiting..Princess Z finally got a chance this EID to experience and build her own bear at the Build-A Bear Workshop

This workshop is every kids favorite but for those of you who don’t know :

Build-A-Bear Workshop is the only company in the world that offers an interactive, make-your-own stuffed cuddly toy family experience! 

When you walk into a Build-A-Bear Workshop store you get to create your own cuddly toy, by choosing it, stuffing it, adding a sound and giving it a heart full of wishes. You can dress and accessorize it before making a personalized birth certificate and taking it home in its own special Cub Condo carrying case!

There are many Build-a-Bear Workshop stores here in Dubai but we decided to go to the DFC (Dubai Festival City) branch which we thought had the most options than anywhere else.

As we walked into the store I could see my little princess getting over excited 😆 with everything finding it hard to choose….but after a while of searching and deciding… Princess Z finally decided to go with the FROZEN (ELSA) TEDDY 👇🏻

The Frozen Collection

Next step was to chose her VOICE/SOUND…obviously as it was Elsa we went with the Let it go song…🎶

The STUFFING came in next….before sealing the Elsa teddy completely.We gave it a HEART ❤ (sealed with kisses and love) as well as added a BUBBLE GUM Smell (rubbing it against her and stuffing it in)….

Thus…The Elsa bear 🐻 was born ☺

Getting It Stuffed 🐻
Rubbing On The Bubble Gum Scent
Sealing In The Heart ❤

Next was Princess Z’s favorite part WASHING & DRESSING/ACCESSORIZING her Elsa Bear up..

Washing 🛁
Dressing Her Elsa Bear Up
Admiring Her ☺

Once everything was done we headed to one of the computers filled in the information… personalized and collected our Teddy’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE and headed to the counter for payment. 

Birth Certificate In Progress
Truly And Surely..

Total cost of our ❄🐻: 338 AED

*Note:everything is charged separately (accessories etc..) and prices may vary on selection 🙂

So happy to welcome a new member in our family…🐻This surely was a great experience for Princess Z and not only did she throughly enjoy it! We did too 🙂… 

I highly recommend going to the the DFC (Dubai Festival City) branch of Build-A-Bear Workshop…excellent service,super friendly and helpful staff… totally awesome 👏🏻 🙌🏻

*Great for kids over 4+ as they will be old enough to understand and enjoy this amazing experience.

Pirates & Mermaids Brunch Buffet

Pirates & Mermaids Brunch Buffet

Pirates & Mermaids Brunch Buffet @ Mazina 

Recently my family and I were invited for a lovely and special Pirates & Mermaids brunch buffet at Mazina.Located in the heart of Dubai Marina and at Address Dubai Marina Hotel..Mazina offers a lavish buffet with a lot of seatings area and great views of the Marina shoreline.

I loved the way the theme goes where all the waiter and waitresses were dressed as Pirates and Mermaids,themed related decorations at every corner surely reminded of me being on a sea adventure.

The Buffet was categorized…offering a great variety of food from salads,meat,sushi,breads,and other asian and Indian dishes…which was  surely good to enjoy.The best part for me was  the dessert corner…everything here was so yummy and tasty from pastries,mousses,cake slices,sorbets and so much more..(no one can resist of not trying them all 🙂

Mazina brunch
The Bread Corner
The Seafood
The Chocolate Fountain Slide
The Dessert Shelf…Tempting isn’t it!
Beautiful Cakes on Display

While the adults enjoy their food the kids can also spend time and watch magic shows by MagicPhil or bounce around in a bouncy castle or get their face painted at the face painting corner.Not only this the kids can enjoy their very own buffet at the kids corner as well…offering kids favorite savory dishes like pies,nuggets,french fries,pizzas and sweet treats like jellybeans,gummies,cookies and many other kinds of different biscuits.

The Cute Displays
Waiting for MagicPhil to Arrive
Face Painting
Kids Buffet Corner

This buffet is definitely a fit for kids of all ages and happens to be every Friday and Saturday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm


Dhs 316 (soft drinks) (those who Book via Time Out get 20% discount) discounted price Dhs 264
Dhs368 (house beverages)
Dhs 498 (bubbly)

For more information call 04-8883444

Tavola Shop

Tavola Shop


Recently I came across tavolashop.com.a shop for all your kitchen needs.Offering more than 5000 products for dining ware,cookware,tableware,appliances ,and much more.They offer products from brands like Joseph Joseph,KitchenAid,Sambonet,Peugeot to name a few.Not only this if your a baker like me than the bake shop on their site is a must visit. Products from brands like FBC SugarCrafts,Wilton,Nifty Nozzles,Decora and many more can be bought here.This site has definitely become my new obsession 😍.Seriously online ordering baking supplies have never been so easy.I have always been very fond of baking and am always finding ways to experiment by buying and trying out new supplies.So I ordered a few Wilton products

P.S For those of you who don’t know Wilton is a leader in Cake crafts and decoration, offering a wide selection of cake decorating tools, edible ingredients, cake pan sets, cake mould and much more…

Here are the few items Wilton products I ordered from the Tavola bake shop. (I have included the prices as well 😊)

Wilton ColorSwirl-3 Color Coupler (20 Dhs)

3 Color Coupler

Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser (19 Dhs)

Fill Batter Dispenser

Wilton Royal Icing Mix (30 Dhs)

Royal Icing

Wilton XL Drop Flower Decoration Tip (9 Dhs)

Wilton Tip Cleaning Brush (9 Dhs)

Tip Cleaning Brush

With a shipping charge of only AED 15 .All of the products offered are at affordable prices and the best part they offer Cash on Delivery services (which many sites don’t),so it was a piece of cake for a person like me who doesn’t use credit card 💳 much to get my hand on a few items. 👌🏻🙂

With their professionalism,excellent customer service and on time delivery they have gained my trust and made things easier for me.

P.S-they are offering a 10% discount for every new customers so order now!!.

If your not a fan of online shopping then you can visit their branches as well in Gold and Diamond Park,City Centre Me’aisem,Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates.

Also not only do they offer cake crafts and decoration but they also provide cake decoration classes in their leading branches.So If your new in the baking world and looking out for help then check out them out.Prices starting from AED 300-3,000 (depending on the course )

For more information go to http://www.tavolashop.com

Cafe Ceramique

Cafe Ceramique


Cafe Ceramique is located in Town Centre in Jumeirah. This place is surely to be visited. I have been to this place many times but it was Princess Z first time and she was super excited about it. We decided to go there on a weekday around 7pm.Once we arrived we were surprised to see the place empty. It’s usually crowded at this time of the evening but i think we were lucky.Anyway, we choose a comfortable seat in the middle. The massive varieties of ceramics displayed on wooden shelves against the wall attracted us. It was hard to choose one.Princess Z was confused at first but then after taking her time she decided to go with a Halloween special pumpkin decoration.

Ceramics displayed aligned to the wall
The Halloween collection
The chosen one

Note: The prices for each ceramic are different and are mentioned below the piece you chose (The pumpkin cost us 125 Dhs)

Anyway, the next step was to clean our ceramic to clear off any dirt on it with sponge and water. Then it was time to select the paints. We were given an option to choose any 7 colors from the palette on the place mats. We chose 6 plain colors from the Splash n Dash section and 1 glittery one from the PokaDot section. Once our colors arrived we were ready to go. Squeezing the paints on the palette we started getting creative. Princess Z decided to paint it all differently. Creating a creation of her own. She was totally enjoying it at first, painting patiently. But then starting rushing up with things and got tired. Leaving it half-way, I had to paint the remaining giving it the final touches.After I was done I handed over the pumpkin to a staff member to fire it. The firing process is done to make the raw artwork into a finished masterpiece.

In the end I was told to fill a form with my contact details to be contacted once it was ready for collection. Approximately it takes 7-8days.

The collection corner

This was a place Princess Z totally wants to visit again,and totally excited to see her end result. 🙂 Who doesn’t love to paint and mess around! If you’re planning to make some crazy and fun memories with your kids than this is one place I totally recommend.

Brushes, paints, stamps- everything is supplied by the café. Just bring the artists in you and get creative :).

Cafe Ceramique is located on the 1st floor of Town Centre Mall,Jumeirah. 04-3447331