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The Cats

The Cats


Cats have always been a part of Princess Z’s life.Being fond of cats since her toddlerhood.She loves everything related to them.Whether its cat cushions,plush toys,hair clips etc.We never had one nor planned of having any as mom aka Princess Z’s grandma (Nani) was afraid of them and didn’t want the ‘scratching the furniture’ thing🙈in the house.During our shifting process Princess Z tried her best to convince Nani to get her a kitten on her birthday (as she knew our house is getting bigger and we have space for them)but it didn’t work out 😞.The day we shifted to our new home just before her birthday Princess Z was lucky enough to make some new cats friends in the neighborhood.Nani was happy as well as we didn’t needed to get one now)😉.

Here’s what she named them:
Softy-Loves moaning outside our door,a solid eater,the first one to get attached and is the oldest and the closest of them all.’Her best friend’,that’s what Princess Z likes to call her 😊).

Whitey- A little reserved,plays a little,likes to roam around our house,loves food

Silly Cat-A kitten actually who loves to play in our garden with her mouse toy and bubbles

Babu-Never comes in but loves to be fed.

Softy 2- Pays us a visit,once in a blue moon

and many more but they have not been named yet)

It was a scary thought at first.(tendency to bite or claw.) but as time passed by they created a special bond.It’s was not just Princess Z that started to have the love and affection in her eyes, but the cats seem to have the same adoration.In no time the cats and kitten became attached to Princess Z.Taking time out to feed,play,pet and caress them has became a part of her daily life.Nothing makes her more happy then seeing those cats waiting for her outside at the doorstep when she comes back from school.Not only this weekends,specially Friday is a ‘Cat’ day for us,spending hours playing with them in our garden.

Princess Z Watching Softy Eat
Playing With Bubbles With Ms.Silly Cat 🐱

Playing with cats is all about treating them well.During the night time when Princess Z is lying by my side I tend to teach her all about the do’s and don’ts of Cats.When talking I try to make her understand the teaching on how to play with them,by staying calm and quiet while playing: no yelling, screaming, running, or jumping.Telling her the facts about them.Its important to help her understand that the cat is not a toy and she’s a living companion who has just as many feelings as us.

Paper Animals

Paper Animals


Down below I will be showing you how to make different types of animals using the basically the heart shapes.This is a fun craft that surely will be loved by kids.

Penguin 🐧

You will need:

– One big black oval shape (for the penguins base)

-A big white heart,(big enough to fit in the oval shape)

-Two black hearts (medium size)

-Two white circles and two small black circles (for the eyes)

-Two small orange hearts (for the feet)

-One orange triangle (for the nose)

-One small pink heart (optional)

Shapes Needed To Create A Penguin


Follow the steps below carefully to create the Penguin 🐧:

1.Take the oval shape and glue the white heart in the center.

2.On the side of the white heart stick the pink heart (this is an optional step)

3.To create eyes- Stick the black dots in the center of the white dots pasting them on the body

4. Place the orange triangle down below in between the eyes to create a nose

5.For flappers (hands)- stick the two black hearts in a 45 degree angle on the side of the penguins body

6.And lastly stick the feet using the two small orange hearts

In the end it should look like this

Penguin is ready

Lion 🦁

You will need:

-One big orange heart

-One medium size yellow heart (big enough to fit within the orange heart)

-One small black heart

All You Need Are These


Glue the yellow heart upside down inside the orange heart

It’s Almost Done

Once done,add the black heart for the nose and mark two dots for the eyes.Create cutting on the edges for the hair and it’s done.

King Of The Jungle

A few other animals can be made using this technique like this mice

Mice 🐭

You will need:

-A big Grey heart shape (I didn’t have grey colored paper so used brown)

-A tail (Grey color as well to match the body)

-Two small hearts (one bigger than the other)(sticking them on top of the other) Big Heart- light Pink color the other Grey color

-Whiskers (Dark Pink)

-Goggle eyes


Fold the big grey heart into half,glueing the tail in between.(The pointed side of the heart will be the face of the mice 🐭).Once done with the basic step just add the hearts,whiskers and google eyes as in the picture below.

A rough mice made using the colored paper heart technique

Hope you enjoy making this craft as much as I did 🙂

8 things learned I in Motherhood

8 things learned I in Motherhood


Every #woman goes through different challenges and experiences as a #mother,learning a whole lot of things on the way.Here are the 8 things I learned In motherhood

It’s very important to have a time schedule -I think this is one of the most difficult aspects of motherhood.With a set schedule I mean Waking up on time,serving breakfast,lunch,snack and dinner on time etc.We have to take care of it as a mother.Having one isn’t difficult but sticking to it is(especially on weekends/holidays).People think it’s easier with the little ones (new born/toddlers) but I have had a lot of difficulties in setting a timetable when Princess Z was little (being all hyperactive)but now as she’s growing up things are working out. ☺️

Handling work with one hand-All the moms will agree with this one.During our young age we were use to working with both hands no matter what type of work it was but after being a mother we realized than carrying a toddler in one hand and using the other for work wasn’t difficult at all and we got use to it with a snap. #cheers to the motherhood power 👊🏻

Becoming more organized Well yes! Organization is another important element .Putting everything where it belongs after playtime,keeping things away from reach or cleaning kids closet is another daily routine.I know how difficult it is to find toys/items when they get lost no matter how organized things are,there is always something or the other lying around 😩and to tell you the truth Im still trying to keep up with it and need to get a little more organized.

Became a good listener Definetely! when kids just wanna talk and talk and talk there is nothing we can do but just listen.

Home remedies work better than medicine-This is what all granny say and I totally agree.I  am not fond of medicines myself so don’t recommend it as well unless it’s something severe.I have tried a lot of home remedies on Princess Z when she was sick 😷 Whether it’s for cold and flu,fever,constipation etc.they have all worked out.Super simple with no side effects!!

A better researcher – I agree.Since I became a mother i rely on the internet more than I did before.Whether it’s researching about schools,reading about medicines,remedies,or reviewing products ,or groceries and ordering them online.We do it all the time.

Became a better cook Once upon a time I wanted to be a chef (even though I didn’t like cooking 🙈) but now I can say I am a chef who cooks food for one special guest everyday. Trying out different recipes and serving dishes according to their needs.They can sometimes be choosy but we have to deal with it.( that’s what kids do) but I can surely say I have improved my cooking skills within time ☺️.

Socializing is important-During my early 20s when I was studying I was one of those who people who was quite and shy all the time.Who liked spending time alone…(most of the time in the library when other groups use to hang out in the cafeteria)but now as a mother I realized that socializing and interacting is very much important as kids do what they see.Me not talking or interacting with others was affecting Princess Z and I didn’t wanted that,so after realizing this I have started to socialize more,making mommy friends,attending events etc.

I might still need to work on a few of them but These are a few things I learned and got to know the importance off after entering motherhood.👧🏻👩🏻.




As it’s winters Princess Z and I decided of doing a craft related to snow.As Princess Z has never seen a snowfall (we didn’t travel anywhere this year) couldn’t think of a better way of creating snowflakes and having winter in her own room.I had to practice a lot to get it right.Once I remembered the steps.We moved on making Snowflakes using two colors,red and white.These can be used as a hanging decoration or can be glued on a greeting card. .Any other color can be used according to your choice.

PLEASE NOTE this craft has to be done under adult supervision (the adults need to do the folds and cutting.The kids can do the last decoration part.

It might be hard at first but once you get the steps it’s a piece of cake!! 😊This is one of the easiest crafts to do(just needs a bit of practice).This craft can be made in summer and there are no chances of it to melt down 😜.(Winter will stay all summer).Follow the instructions below to create your very own snowflakes.The more you create the better.

Note:The basic steps are below to help create the ❄️ fold.The design can be made according to your choice.

Basic Fold
The Basic Fold
Basic Fold
The Same Basic Fold but different Design

Note: The basic steps are taken from another social media site.To make it easy to remember and create your very own snowflakes.

Happy Winter ❄️

Single Mom Decision

Single Mom Decision


Many of you have been asking me to post the struggles I faced and what made me take the separation.To tell you the truth it was the hardest decision i have ever made and the best one.

Every girl wants a Prince charming in here life,ending with a fairy tale wedding.I was one of them.It was an arrange marriage (but I had dated him for a few months after our engagement 💍.So basically I knew him and so did he).It was 2011 when I was totally excited about getting married in December. Having all my loved ones around during my lavish wedding and getting married to the one I love was a dream come true.Never knowing what the future holds for me.

It was after March 2012 when things started to fall apart.He was no longer the person I fell in love with.His violent and aggressive behavior started showing up.I could go on and on with what issues happened during my marriage and the details but as I belong to a respectable family I don’t want to make fun or insult anyone online.Anyway,During my 6 month of pregnancy 🤰 I decided to move out and take a ‘khula’.*(when a girl requests to get separated from her husband) as I have had enough of him.My parents could see the depression I was going through and they were with me.He started turning violent and disrespectful.The first few months were very difficult for me.Being 6 months pregnant 🤰 and seeking a divorce from my husband was the toughest decision anyone could take.I wanted a happy life and a bright future for my coming child,but knew I couldn’t get one if he’s around.Somewhere in my mind I wanted to give him a second chance but knew he would never change.Negative thoughts 💭 were running through my head as it would in anyone’s head and kept asking myself questions

Is this the right thing to do’?.Does he deserve me?.
Will he love me the way I want him to if I stay back?.
Is it the right decision? If I give him a second chance will he change?.
‘Should I go ahead with my decision?Why/Why not?
‘Should I abort my child?.

Note: I wrote down these q’s on a piece of paper with the answers.Most of them ended up neg.so it helped me to take the decision!.

These negative thoughts made my pregnancy worse (had more doctor visits than usual) and with him around I could see my life fall apart.Many of my relatives were against my separation and told me things like ‘I would be a bad example for my cousins and others. etc etc .Seriously!! Like I cared (my parents were with me that’s all I wanted).The only thing I wanted was a better life for my child 👶🏻 and myself .I knew he wasn’t a good example and I had no shame to admit that he was the one to be blamed.The first thing I did was to delete him from my contact list,social media and every other network he was on.Even though I still wasn’t sure about my decision and was expecting him to make it up to me but he didn’t .There might be some mistakes that I might have made but his mistake were bigger,unforgettable as well as unbearable.

I was planning to abort my child at first but then realized that what does she has to do with everything going on.she hasn’t entered the world yet.why should I blame her for his mistakes.Thinking that staying with him would not only make my life worse but my daughters as well so I accepted the challenge of moving on as a single mother to show him i don’t need his support to live my life the way I wanted too.

It took almost an Year to be granted a divorce.During this period I gave birth to Princess Z.The way he behaved during those months and after made me realize that I took the right decision and he was never meant to be in my life or my daughter’s.A man who doesn’t even bother to visit his own daughter or ask how she is doesn’t hold any respect for me.

Princess Z doesn’t know about her father yet .When the right time will come,will surely tell her all about it but only when she’s mature enough to understand it in detail,cause I don’t want her to compare who was right and who was wrong,just want her to understand that some people aren’t meant for each other.

It’s been 3 years since my separation and things have changed in a better way.I couldn’t have done it without the support of my parents and siblings.They supported me in every way they could.Princess Z and I are living a life we never imagined we could have.All thanks to the support of my parents and siblings).I seriously couldn’t have done it without their help.I thank #Allah for giving me the best parents and Princess Z the best grandparents/uncles and aunts who love her unconditionally.

I am proud of my decision and don’t regret anything!.