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8 things learned I in Motherhood

8 things learned I in Motherhood


Every #woman goes through different challenges and experiences as a #mother,learning a whole lot of things on the way.Here are the 8 things I learned In motherhood

It’s very important to have a time schedule -I think this is one of the most difficult aspects of motherhood.With a set schedule I mean Waking up on time,serving breakfast,lunch,snack and dinner on time etc.We have to take care of it as a mother.Having one isn’t difficult but sticking to it is(especially on weekends/holidays).People think it’s easier with the little ones (new born/toddlers) but I have had a lot of difficulties in setting a timetable when Princess Z was little (being all hyperactive)but now as she’s growing up things are working out. ☺️

Handling work with one hand-All the moms will agree with this one.During our young age we were use to working with both hands no matter what type of work it was but after being a mother we realized than carrying a toddler in one hand and using the other for work wasn’t difficult at all and we got use to it with a snap. #cheers to the motherhood power 👊🏻

Becoming more organized Well yes! Organization is another important element .Putting everything where it belongs after playtime,keeping things away from reach or cleaning kids closet is another daily routine.I know how difficult it is to find toys/items when they get lost no matter how organized things are,there is always something or the other lying around 😩and to tell you the truth Im still trying to keep up with it and need to get a little more organized.

Became a good listener Definetely! when kids just wanna talk and talk and talk there is nothing we can do but just listen.

Home remedies work better than medicine-This is what all granny say and I totally agree.I  am not fond of medicines myself so don’t recommend it as well unless it’s something severe.I have tried a lot of home remedies on Princess Z when she was sick 😷 Whether it’s for cold and flu,fever,constipation etc.they have all worked out.Super simple with no side effects!!

A better researcher – I agree.Since I became a mother i rely on the internet more than I did before.Whether it’s researching about schools,reading about medicines,remedies,or reviewing products ,or groceries and ordering them online.We do it all the time.

Became a better cook Once upon a time I wanted to be a chef (even though I didn’t like cooking 🙈) but now I can say I am a chef who cooks food for one special guest everyday. Trying out different recipes and serving dishes according to their needs.They can sometimes be choosy but we have to deal with it.( that’s what kids do) but I can surely say I have improved my cooking skills within time ☺️.

Socializing is important-During my early 20s when I was studying I was one of those who people who was quite and shy all the time.Who liked spending time alone…(most of the time in the library when other groups use to hang out in the cafeteria)but now as a mother I realized that socializing and interacting is very much important as kids do what they see.Me not talking or interacting with others was affecting Princess Z and I didn’t wanted that,so after realizing this I have started to socialize more,making mommy friends,attending events etc.

I might still need to work on a few of them but These are a few things I learned and got to know the importance off after entering motherhood.👧🏻👩🏻.