Cafe Ceramique


Cafe Ceramique is located in Town Centre in Jumeirah. This place is surely to be visited. I have been to this place many times but it was Princess Z first time and she was super excited about it. We decided to go there on a weekday around 7pm.Once we arrived we were surprised to see the place empty. It’s usually crowded at this time of the evening but i think we were lucky.Anyway, we choose a comfortable seat in the middle. The massive varieties of ceramics displayed on wooden shelves against the wall attracted us. It was hard to choose one.Princess Z was confused at first but then after taking her time she decided to go with a Halloween special pumpkin decoration.

Ceramics displayed aligned to the wall
The Halloween collection
The chosen one

Note: The prices for each ceramic are different and are mentioned below the piece you chose (The pumpkin cost us 125 Dhs)

Anyway, the next step was to clean our ceramic to clear off any dirt on it with sponge and water. Then it was time to select the paints. We were given an option to choose any 7 colors from the palette on the place mats. We chose 6 plain colors from the Splash n Dash section and 1 glittery one from the PokaDot section. Once our colors arrived we were ready to go. Squeezing the paints on the palette we started getting creative. Princess Z decided to paint it all differently. Creating a creation of her own. She was totally enjoying it at first, painting patiently. But then starting rushing up with things and got tired. Leaving it half-way, I had to paint the remaining giving it the final touches.After I was done I handed over the pumpkin to a staff member to fire it. The firing process is done to make the raw artwork into a finished masterpiece.

In the end I was told to fill a form with my contact details to be contacted once it was ready for collection. Approximately it takes 7-8days.

The collection corner

This was a place Princess Z totally wants to visit again,and totally excited to see her end result. 🙂 Who doesn’t love to paint and mess around! If you’re planning to make some crazy and fun memories with your kids than this is one place I totally recommend.

Brushes, paints, stamps- everything is supplied by the café. Just bring the artists in you and get creative :).

Cafe Ceramique is located on the 1st floor of Town Centre Mall,Jumeirah. 04-3447331

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