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In her school these days Princess Z is learning how to write down her ABC’s and her name.Shes a fast learner but I know every child in the beginning have difficulties and struggle to hold the pencil the right way and it’s the same for Princess Z.

Her teacher has been telling her to practice once a week or twice (putting no pressure on her).As I know how bored she gets on doing the same thing for a long time πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š.I don’t know about others but Princess Z has a funny style of holding a pencil (like serial killers hold a knife wanting to stab someone 🀣).She even sometimes hold pencil with both hands (pretending to be Rajinikanth (south Indian superstar) to get work done quickly πŸ˜‚.

I knew she needed a lot of practicing on the grip so that’s when I decided to order some books online.

A few days ago I had been through the Virgin Megastore website online and saw some books πŸ“š that would help Princess Z with her writing skills so since they were offering free delivery for a few days i took the opportunity to order online.Below are the books I bought

Wipe-Clean Pen Control

The first step to the basics of learning how to write.This was the book I wanted for Princess Z.Pen Control book is all about Simple and fun activities,such as tracing simple lines, shapes, drawings and much more.This wipe-clean book will definitely help her practice tracing and pen control skills, not only this it will help her improve her hand-coordination,fine motor and writing skills.The best part I love about this books is that once your done practicing just wipe and clean it off with a damp cloth and start all over again. πŸ™‚.

To Start With….Simple Lines
Different Activities To Help Them Learn As Well As Have Fun

The second thing I ordered were the Wipe- Clean ABC Flash Cards.These are great to teach the basic of writing,and the formation of letters.Consisting of 28 alphabets,with each card being two-sided, both lower and upper case letter practicing.What other better way of learning.

Directions To Help Practice
A Great Way To Learn Upper and Lower Case Letters

The third and the last item I ordered was the Wipe-Clean 123 Number Flash Cards.These number cards are very good to improve her number skills as well as counting skills.Not only this,besides the 1-20,50, and 100 number flash cards there are a few other activities cards included in it (like counting food,how many?,dot to dot and many more).

Direction To start Off Practicing
Other Different Number Actitivites

The delivery does take 2-3 days and there’s a 25 AED delivery charge but it’s definitely hassle free.(No more struggle,driving around,searching and buying books.No matter how many times you practice on these Wipe-Clean books πŸ“š they will always stay brand new 😁.

Definitely a few must buy items to prepare the kids for their foundation stage.

Check out www.virginmegastore.ae for more books or visit a store near you.

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